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Last Updated: 3/24/2013 7:10:29 AM
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How to install ImageMagick on CENTOS

Image Magick

GD is already installed by default. However ImageMagick if really needed can be installed in simple steps.

Use an application like PuTTY and in SSH run the following commands:

yum install tcl-devel libpng-devel libjpeg-devel ghostscript-devel bzip2-devel freetype-devel libtiff-devel

yum install make

Now ImageMagick should be downloaded. The latest edition can be downloaded from


tar xvfz ImageMagick-6.8.3-10.tar.gz

cd ImageMagick-6.8.3-10/

./configure && make && make install

Last command will take some time to execute.
Now you will need to edit the following, but using the following command.

nano /etc/clamd.conf

Look for:

# Don't fork into background.
# Default: no
Foreground yes

And change it to:

# Don't fork into background.
# Default: no
Foreground no

Save ( Ctrl O )
Exit ( Ctrl X )

To add ImageMagick PHP extension, run the following command:

pecl install imagick

Now edit your Php.ini file and add the following under extensions

Please remind that php.ini depends on your server configuration and hosting controller program. For example in Kloxo there are many php.ini files, however the master one is located in /etc/

Restart your webserver for changes to work in websites

/sbin/service httpd restart

Source: Shot4u

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